ne|ces|sa|ry1 W1S1 [ˈnesısəri US -seri] adj
[Date: 1300-1400; : Latin; Origin: necessarius, from necesse 'necessary', from ne- 'not' + cedere 'to give up']
1.) something that is necessary is what you need to have or need to do
The booklet provides all the necessary information about the college.
No further changes were considered necessary.
absolutely/really necessary
The police are advising motorists to travel only if their journey is absolutely necessary.
it is necessary (for sb) to do sth
It's not necessary to wear a tie.
The doctor says it may be necessary for me to have an operation.
make it necessary (for sb) to do sth
Falling profits made it necessary to restructure the business.
necessary for (doing) sth
A good diet is necessary for maintaining a healthy body.
if/when/where necessary
I'll stay up all night, if necessary, to get it finished.
2.) necessary connection/consequence etc
a connection, result etc that must exist and cannot be avoided
The closure of the factory was a necessary consequence of increased competition from abroad.
3.) a necessary evil
something bad or unpleasant that you have to accept in order to achieve what you want
Mr Hurst regarded work as a necessary evil.
necessary 2
necessary2 n
1.) necessaries [plural]
things such as food or basic clothes that you need in order to live
2.) do the necessary
BrE spoken to do what is necessary
Leave it to me - I'll do the necessary.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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